Established in 2000 Blue Bird High School run by Smt Jamuna Devi Memorial Welfare Society Sehore focuses on enriching student’s life by inculcating the values of humanity before anything else. We teach them to be grateful for everything they have received and treat it as a gift of the God. We at BBS draw out hidden talent of a student with contemporary as well as traditional method of teaching. With academics and co-curricular activities we try to make the child so strong that he/she can face the challenging world comfortably. Our school's purpose is to educate the youth of India to take their productive place as leaders in the global community by offering our learners a comprehensive education. We also believe that the student must develop love and respect for his country, so we foster him with the spirit of patriotism too. The logo of the school with a bird flying in the sky is a manifestation of the school's philosophy of making the child creative. Children have innovative and unique thoughts, so we let their thoughts fly high like a bird. We help the student to fly up high in the sky of imagination so that they can add their creative and valuable ideas in the development of their country. The epigraph ‘Where Quality is the Way of Life’ that is inscribed with the logo of the school is the very thought we follow in each and every step. As it is said that ‘Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions’, so we try to instill values of humanity, responsibility, love, compassion & care, respect, integrity, tolerance, self discipline and harmony in pupil. We try that each Blue Bird student is groomed to be a strong global citizen who upholds the rich legacy of the institution and reflects its ethos with a humane outlook and integrity of spirit.